Dear Friends and Family:

This site has been created to honor and preserve the memory of Miriam, our mother, grandmother and friend.  Miriam died in London on October 9, 2003, after a battle with lung cancer.

 Miriam, who was also known to many of her friends as Micki (the spelling varied because it was transliterated from Hebrew), was such a very special person whose extraordinary life should be better known, especially to many of us who only knew her in one or other of its several phases.

We'd like this site eventually to contain a fuller account of her life and personality, but to begin with we will reproduce the biography and some of the recollections of her given by her three sons and her eldest granddaughter at her funeral.

We have also included some photographs - an incomplete collection that we will fill out as time goes by to include more pictures of her family.

And click on Tales of Miriam in the content bar to the left and post a story or memory, so that we can tell her story with your help.

With much love from her family.

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